The Unreal Engine Experts

Minakata Dynamics is a group of Unreal Engine expert programmers. We have received recognition from Publishers and Epic Games for our knowledge and ability.

We focus on systems heavy games. We think the act of building layered interactions is what makes games special compared to other media. Games are best at challenging players to reason about complex interactions. As such Minakata Dynamics has a history in developing deep and layered gameplay.

Minakata Dynamics has experience developing for both the Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation, and the Microsoft Xbox. We are a licensed developer for Microsoft Xbox.


  • Railgrade (2021, Full Development.)
  • Unannouced Mobile Title (2019, UE4 Expertise. Android, iOS)
  • TINY METAL: FULL METAL RUMBLE (2019, Programming & Game Design. Windows, Nintendo Switch)

Business Information

  • 会社名: 合同会社 Minakata Dynamics
  • 所在地: 〒340-0822 埼玉県八潮市大字大瀬382−3
  • 事業内容: ゲーム企画・開発・制作
  • 設立: 2020年4月24日
  • 代表取締役 : ドレスラー・ダニエル・マーク